Summer 2007 Trip Home Page

The Plan…

Welcome to our (Leila & Greg’s) summer trip of 2007 from Oneida Lake to Lake Champlain and back. We are planning on leaving Oneida Lake and cruising east down the Erie Canal and then head north up the Hudson River through the Champlain Canal and out onto Lake Champlain. Then after spending some time on the lake, backtracking the course to Oneida Lake. We plan to spend about four weeks on the boat, though we are free to stay longer if need be.

The Boat…

We will be traveling on a 25′ O’day swing keel sailboat with a 15 HP outboard on the back, with the mast lowered on the deck, with enough supplies for spending a month on the boat, besides food, which we had about 2-3 weeks worth. Our boat is a bit small for such as trip by most people’s standards but it served us very well.

Day Starting End
Day 1 Oneida Lake Marcy (Lock E20)
Day 2 Marcy (Lock E20) St. Johnsville
(Lock E18)
Day 3 St. Johnsville
(Lock E18)
Guy Park, Amsterdam
(Lock 11)
Day 4 Guy Park, Amsterdam (Lock 11) Waterford
(Guard Gate E2)
Day 5 Waterford
(Guard Gate E2)
Day 6 Mechanicville (off)
Day 7 Mechanicville Whitehall
Day 8 Whitehall bay north of Five Mile Point Lighthouse
Day 9 Bay north of Five Mile Point Lighthouse (NY) Valcour Island
Day 10 Valcour Island (off)
Day 11 Valcour Island Plattsburgh (NY) Terminal Wall
Day 12 Plattsburgh (NY) Terminal Wall Point Au Rouche State Park (NY)
Day 13 Point Au Rouche State Park (NY) Great Chazy River (Chazy, NY)
Day 14/15 Off
Day 16 Great Chazy River (Chazy, NY) Burlington, VT
Day 17 Burlington, VT Valcour Island
Day 18 Valcour Island Jones Pt. Bay
(Willsboro, NY)
Day 19 Jones Pt. Bay
(Willsboro, NY)
Partridge Harbor
(Westport, NY)
Day 20 Partridge Harbor
(Westport, NY)
Whitehall Terminal Wall
Day 21 Whitehall (off)
Day 22 Whitehall Terminal Wall Fort Edward Yacht Basin
Day 23 Fort Edward Yacht Basin Mechanicville Terminal Wall
Day 24 Mechanicville Terminal Wall Waterford Visitor Center
Day 25 Waterford Visitor Center Scotia Town Dock
Day 26 Scotia Tribes Hill (Lock E12)
Day 27 Tribes Hill (Lock E12) Mindenville (Lock E16)
Day 28 Mindenville (Lock E16) Marcy (Lock E20)
Day 29 Marcy (Lock E20) Oneida Lake (HOME!)
Concluding Remarks

We bought a new boat! Check out our latest travels on the Journey’s of ‘Rain or Shine’ blog.

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